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Social Media Overwhelmed!!!!!

Ok, so I admit it! I teach Social Media to REALTORS and how to time manage. I give them tips, tricks,etc and I see the “Deer in the Headlights” look staring back at me….  When I ask them later what they thought….”OVERWHELMED” is a resonating comment! “Where do I begin?”, they say. I answer back, “Just take one bite at a time, swallow, savor and then take another bite!” Don’t try to do all of it at once! 

I am a FRAUD!!! I am sitting here starting to implement my 2011 marketing plan which is to take the time to learn WordPress and plug-ins. Plus I want to make my blog a habit for me!  But instead, I am googling what I need to put on my site and the how-to’s. Now, I feel that bile rising up in my throat, head throbbing, eyes-crossed panic feeling! My pulse is rising because I am just as OVERWHELMED as those agents that are just starting to use Social Media. I am not even listening to my own advice I give out!!!

 I’ve been scared of it because of my own stupidity. I am not a Jeff Turner, Gahlord Dewald, Todd Carpenter, Dale Chumbley, Brian Copeland, Nicole Nicolay or my other numerous Social Media friends that have stratosphere IQ’s. (I know they are getting a good chuckle out of this) I don’t know how to write code…. My niche in Social Media is not in the development of it, but of taking products already out there and implementing them to use in my Social Media plan.  Using their stuff and putting my own marketing spin on it~I relate that to agents that all the time & they love it.

I am getting quite a bit of  business leads through Social Media, but I know I need to step it up a notch. Hence taking the time to finally start to learn WordPress!

I know in our business that knocking on doors or calling on FSBO’s was not in my comfort zone of getting leads.  But it works, just not for everyone. The same thing can apply to Social Media….one area of Social Media may feel more comfortable to you! But I am going to step out of my comfort zone, over come my own self-induced paralyis & ignorance, and learn this darn thing!!!

So my FB friends or my Tweeps out there now you know my goal! Be forwarned, I may need to tweet or post out my frustration as I learn!

Happy Social Media Posting to you all!

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  1. Gahlord Dewald

    Hey just take it one thing at a time, Amy. My absolute favorite saying on this stuff is from a parkour guy named Forrest Mahop who says “in order to learn it is our obligation to play.” Make a little time to play and you’ll be fine.

    And when it comes to WordPress and plugins, less is more. I’m always seeing WP installations that are totally bloated with plugins. Try them out and if they actually help then keep them. If they don’t help, turn them off.

    Good luck!


  2. NikNik

    Trust me….I’ve been overwhelmed plenty of times. YOU are not scalable…so do what you love and what you’re passionate about. And it sounds like you’re getting REALLY passionate about WordPress…which I couldn’t be more happy about! I am not a coder…I have a Reggie. BUT…I can do much more than I could in the past because we’re using the Genesis Framework. Also, I have a daily engagement plan…every day I write down 5 tasks that MUST get done online and I stick to ’em! So GO GIRL…get your social ON!

  3. NikNik

    Oh, and I agree with Gahlord…less in more with plugins!

  4. Brian Copeland

    What’s WordPress? 🙂

  5. amysmytheharris

    NikNik & Gahlord- thanks! Ok so I won’t worry about plugins just yet- Now to fix my messed- up Videos-not sure what is happening there! @brian-you are too funny

  6. Shannon Register

    Amy, don’t feel overwhelmed! Learning wordpress in your spare time is not something that you should expect to pick up in a week! My husband is not a coder but it took him 2-3 years of “spare time” to get to the point he was dangerous with wordpress. Sticking to content is not a bad plan! Find someone else to do the coding for you.

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