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Amy’s App of the Week – Feb 20, 2012

This app rocks for anybody needing to take a payment by credit card and that person does not have a PayPal account.  Now, I did get the adapter to plug into

my Iphone or Ipad, until a friend told me I don’t need the adapter to still take credit card payments. I set up the account to just be for my ASH realty business so I would not be

accused of breaking Artilcle 8 of COE so I won’t be comingling funds.

Now, I am a mobile agent but that does not mean that I want to run all over the place to pick up checks or application fees. It means, I use technology to make myself more efficient.  One way I recently

used this app is to take a credit application fees from a prospective tenant. It was quick simple and worth the little bit of fee they charge versus the alternative of racing around to meet the other agent to pick up cashiers check and then depositing them at my bank.  So in my mobile world, it’s hip to be SQUARE.

Availability Calendar.

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