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Amy’s App of the Week – March 26, 2012- Onlive Desktop

I had played with this app and stopped using b/c of the slow connectivity, but recently went back to it because a dear friend of mine, Tim Kinzler reminded me to try it again. This app for the Ipad only allows me to get Internet Explorer as well as edit Microsoft documents.  This is a HUGE deal for the Real Estate agents like myself that has an MLS that is flash based so it is not accessible on the Ipad.  Since so many of us are on the go with our clients, I can go to the Onlive Desktop ($4.99.month) and access Tempo (MLS) right from my Ipad…. It was wonderfully yesterday when I was sitting at Starbuckswith an elderly couple looking to buy a home in The Woodlands and I just pulled it up on my Ipad for them to view.  Con- sometimes connectivity is slow or won’t connect.


Availability Calendar.

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