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Holy Monkey- Zipforms to Docusign- Rocks my world!

Are you struggling on your Ipad to type a listing and then get it to Docusign??? You just have given up hope!! Sound familiar? As a REALTOR in The Woodlands, Texas selling homes on the go is a absolute must with our hot real estate market.

Here are step by step instructions to type up your contract on  Zipforms on your Ipad and then send it to Docusign so you can have your client sign it by either clicking with their mouse or tapping with their finger.

First part is to start with purchasing the mobile version of Zipforms-

1. You must have the moible version of Zipforms that you have had to purchase from under the Shopping cart.

2. Then go to on your Ipad. (make sure you Book mark it on your Ipad)

Second part is to go to

1. You need to set up a account

2. Create a folder that you will want to send contracts to- (Mine is Contracts)

3. Then you will go to Folder Options, click on Upload to this Folder, then click Email Files to this folder.

4. Copy the URL and save it in your account.

Third part is back to Zipforms -Now go to your Ipad and open up Safarai, then tap on your Bookmark, then tap on the saved site

Type your contract in Zipforms. When you are complete, then tap eamil. In the to box, you will need that folder email address that you saved in Evernote. So tap your home button on your Ipad & open up Evernote application. Find the saved note that you saved the upload url in. Then copy the url, tap home button on Ipad and tap on Safari.  Go to the Zipforms tab that you already had opened. Then in the email box, tap and hold till the Paste option comes up. Then tap Paste.  Then tap send email.

Last step before you will be doing the Happy Dance. Now go to Docusign app.  Tap on New Envelope, tap on Box Docs, Tap on the folder you named in the account (mine is Contracts). Then tap on the contract, tap on next, then type in subject and email message. Then tap Tag Document. Then Tap Add Recipient. Tap Signer. Type in client information.  Tap Add. Now on the right hand side tap on the appropriate option (Signature or Intiail). Now tap on the screen where you need the signature.  Then tap Send Now in the right hand side.

Tada!!!!  That is how you rock as a Digital Agent!


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