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XplodeThis Conference in Houston for Amy’s tips

It was great having a chance to speak at in Houston. Wanted to give everyone a quick summary of what I talked about. If you have further questions, I would love to help you. Remember, you don’t need all of these, but use what works best for your work flow.


Foundational apps:

Dropbox- my online file cabinet

Evernote- my spiral notebook. I can’t live without this cloud based App!

Iannotate/PDF Expert- allows me to edit PDF’s on my Ipad


Business Apps:

Contactually- the CRM I personally use, but other ones to look at are and Insightly.

Basecamp- allows me to manage multiple projects.

BackAgent- my online Transaction platform for my Real Estate Brokerage.

Felt- After meeting someone, I can send a branded Urban Provision hand written card to someone I may have met recently. Great prospecting tool. Available only on iPad.

Dizzle – Allows me to share the branded app with my clients of my go-to resources for my vendors like carpet cleaners, pressure washers, etc.

BombBomb – video email messaging but soon much more software that allows me to show my computer screen to an agent to help with training

EasilyDo- a smart virtual assistant app. It combines lots of apps into one- Great for time management

Zapier- an “if/then” App. You set up actions based on “if somebody contacts me via BetterVoiceMail, then I want this text to go to them” You can create lots of different scenarios.

Attend one of my training webinars or contact me to find out other apps we give to our agents.




Digital Signing Made EZ for Form Simplicity for Florida

Click on link below to access how to instruction from Region 13 Meeting in Florida.

digital signing made EZ for Florida june 2013

Virtual Brokerage – Urban Provision REALTORS

Presentation from the National Association of REALTORS Emerging Business and Technology Committee about how our brokerage firm got up and running along with the hiccups we faced through this process.

Ready to go mobile in Real Estate?

Presentation done at Austin Board of REALTORS Tech Timeout Happy Hour

ABOR tech timeout may 2013 from Amy Smythe-Harris

In this hot market….Streamline your Biz

A lot of agents are struggling in this market, but not with getting deals. They are struggling with how to manage the deals they are doing because maybe for the first time in their career they are dealing with multiple clients at once. Listings are going under contract as soon as it is entered into MLS, so a buyer is not going to want to wait in this Hot market for you to go back to your office and type up the offer  plus then schedule to meet with you to sign the offer in person.  Learn to go mobile! Learn to be efficient with your time and your clients time. They will appreciate you for it.

Here are some ideas to focus on in my preso!



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Amy’s Timesaver Apps & Ideas-NAR Tech Forum Orlando November

Hope you enjoy some of these time saver ideas as you are running your real estate business! Remember- Identify your “time sucks” first, then find a piece of technology to be efficient! Don’t just take on every piece of technology b/c it is cool or the new buzz word! Find what works for your business practice and work flow!

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Pre-class Apps for Amy’s classes

If you are attending Amy’s Appy Hour, Ultimate Mobile Agent class or Ipad 101 class, I would highly recommend you download the following apps before attending the sessions.

1. Evernote-
This is a note taking program that will be beneficial when you are at my classes to take type written notes as well as audio notes.

2. Dropbox
Dropbox is a cloud based storage system that you can store files from your laptop to your Dropbox then you can access your files from your Ipad or Iphone.


4. Foursquare
This is a check in app with lots of great marketing potential!

For Agents that use ZipformsOnline for their Contracts software only!
5. Download the Zipforms Mobile app. Be aware that your state or local association may have a discount code so please check with them to see first before purchasing.

For Agents that use for electronic signature!
6. Download the Docusign app and make sure you can log in using your Docusign password.

I highly recommend setting up a free gmail account as well for different Google Apps tools that you may use as an agent. If you currently have one that you are using for business, you may want to have a separate one for other social Media apps.

Create free accounts on your laptop or Iphone/Ipad device before coming to the session.

Play with the apps to get a familiarity with them before coming to the session. It should help you feel more comfortable with the other apps covered in the sessions.

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Video for the Rest of Us – RESTO 2012

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Amyoutloud scheduled to speak at Alabama Association of REALTORSs Summer Conference