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Amyoutloud’s Road Map to Social Media Success

Road Map to Success
Implementing your SM (Social Media) strategy using the latest technology

Assess your social media presence:

Action Item 1: Getting Started
1. ?Complete your profile on
2. ?Think about your new Brand name
3. ?I have researched my brand name using
4. ?Buy your Domain on
5. ?Set up your blog
6. ?Host your blog on
7. ?Set up email to go with new domain name
8. ?Get new head shots done for SM

Action Item 2: Set up Accounts & your Marketing Plan
1. ?Set up a Twitter account utilizing brand name (set up multiple accounts if you need to)
2. ?Set up your Facebook Fan Page with the brand name
3. ?Set up your Skype handle with brand name
4. ?Register your name
5. ?Set up your Youtube channel
6. ?Register for Linkedin – under your own name
7. ?Set up your or Qik account for video feeds
8. ?Set up your Flickr account
9. ?Set up Foursquare account
10. ? Set up Yelp
11. ?Set up Google alerts for your name, twitter handle, listings, keyword searches
12. ?Set up for your brand
13. ?Set up marketing plan-
Frequency? (10 to 1 is good ratio)
Where to push content to? Twitter, Facebook, FB Fan Page

Action Item 3: Add, Fill out, and Use
1. ?Add new email account to phone
2. ?Add SM apps to your phone
3. ?Get your QR code from
4. ?Use your QR code on listings and marketing material
5. ?Update your email signature with Facebook,Twitter, Skype, Linkedin
6. ?Plug all your passwords into SplashID and download App for your phone
7. ?Fill out your profile with
8. ?Fill out your profile on
9. ?Start using the Client Survey Ratings or
10. ?Use
11. ?Use Xobni in your Outlook
12. ?Use to promote your listings
13. ?Use, or socialmadesimple to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebood, Facebook fan page, WordPress, Linkedin

Action Item 4: Gather, Analyze, and Engage
1. ?Grab RE content from these places
? ?
? ? HAR TV channel
? ? RealtorTV
? ?Enewsletters
2. ?Know your Klout score
3. ?Analyze target market
4. ?Engage people –Remember etiquette and manners

Action Item 5: Schedule, Implement, and Utilize
1. ?Shoot a Professional Member Video
2. ?Schedule content push using Hootsuite,, etc.
3. ? Implement your member video as static video in FB Fan, Facebook, tweet it out, add to your wordpress site
4. ? Learn to video your listings
5. ? Put your listings on your youtube channel, link in to MLS and put on FB Fan page
6. ?Create your own mini-slideshows about your community and push to FB, Twitter, and WordPress site using
7. ? Utilize Live stream video from your phone using Ustream or Qik and share with clients